• Port de Dunkerque
    Société Coopérative des Lamaneurs
    du Port de Dunkerque

  • Port de Dieppe - Rouen
    Coopérative Maritime du Service de Lamanage
    des ports de ROUEN et DIEPPE

  • Port du Havre et d'Antifer
    Société Coopérative Maritime de Lamanage
    des Ports du Havre et Antifer

  • Port de Caen
    Société Coopérative
    de Lamanage de Caen-Ouistreham

  • Port de Brest - Roscoff
    Société Coopérative des Lamaneurs
    des Ports de BREST - ROSCOFF

  • Port de Lorient
    Société Coopérative
    de Lamanage de Lorient

  • Port de Donges / Nantes
    Lamanage Huchet Desmars
    et Service Maritime et Lamanage de la Loire

  • Port de La Rochelle, Rochefort, Tonnay Charente
    Lamanage et Services Maritimes
    des ports de La Rochelle-Charente S.A.S

  • Port de Pauillac
    Entreprise du Lamanage du Port de Pauillac

  • Port de Bordeaux
    SCOP de Lamanage du Port de Bordeaux

  • Port de Bayonne
    Coopérative Maritime
    des Lamaneurs du Port de Bayonne

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Professional Association of Boatage of ports of Channel, North Sea and Atlantic
In France, boatage companies are grouped in a trade union, the SPLMNA (Professional Association of Boatage of ports of Channel, North Sea and Atlantic)
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European BoatMen's Association member
Co-President : Ludovic PERROUELLE - Jean-Luc DESMARS
Siège social : Rue du Galion - 44480 DONGES - FRANCE
The boatage, it's
mooring, dropping, shifting
all types of vessels, 365 days a year, 24h/24
It is also
  • The environmntal protection; Fight against marine oil pollution.
  • Sea transfers; crew, equipment and supplies on ships.
  • Provision for marine surveillance ships decommissioned.
  • Sea trials and conveying of ships.
  • Supplies mooring adviser for special maneuver and additional mooring crew.
  • Nautical assistance to maritime public works and diving assistance
  • Connecting tankers.
  • Harbor and coastal towing to dredger and pontoon
  • Riverine conducting of barges and ommercial motor boat of 55 meters lenght overall
  • Riverine towing of dredger and pontoon and navigation assistance